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For many orthopedic patients, the idea of living a “normal life” with the freedom of movement seems like a fantasy.
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Only through clinical research can we discover overlooked ideas that can lead to big breakthroughs
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Living with a lesser experience of life doesn’t have to be reality. OCRI uncovers ideas that move mankind forward.

“At no other time in human history has there been the ability to do so much good for people suffering from limited mobility.”

Christi Cadd  OCRI Executive Director

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fullsizerenderOrthoCarolina Research Institute (OCRI) is a 501(c)3 non-profit that is committed to providing breakthrough clinical research that makes people’s lives better. As a non-profit organization, our agenda is unbiased and unobstructed by a bottom line. That means we are free to pursue research in areas and applications that can do the most good. We are proud to further Charlotte renown by producing world-leading orthopedic research. Only through the symbiotic relationship between OrthoCarolina doctors, their patients, and OCRI’s clinical research staff can tomorrow’s discoveries be made. 

Being able to help orthopedic patients live their fullest lives takes dedication to exploring new possibilities. Clinical research is the ONLY way to intentionally make it happen. This world-first prosthetic technology enables the wearer to control individual robotic fingers by simply thinking about moving them. Watch the video below to see this remarkable breakthrough in action and learn about the difference OCRI is making.

Will You Lend Us a Hand?

Orthopedics can restore people’s movement for a quality of life they assume unattainable. Improving orthopedics through research isn’t easy or cheap. $12,000 is the average cost for a single study and many research opportunities go unfunded, but you can change that today. Make an online donation to OCRI  by clicking the button below to go to OrthoCarolina Research Institute’s donation page. All financial gifts are completely tax deductible.

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Only through funded clinical research can OCRI help orthopedics make people’s lives better.

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Only through your financial contribution can we make new discoveries. Will you share your treasure to enrich the lives of future patients?

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